RPG Homebrewery Podcast

I've been kicking around the idea of starting an RPG podcast for a few months now. I finally hit on the idea of interviewing homebrew game masters and, according to the response from my Twitter feed, it was a good one.

In an effort to solidify the concept I wanted to do a short write-up and get some additional thoughts on it. The times for each section are, naturally, estimations.

With that said...here we go!



"This week on the RPG Homebrewery Podcast..."

Short blurb about what will be discussed during The Lore You Know.

Short blurb about the Homebrewery guest.

Intro Music 20s

The Lore You Know 15m

A short discussion about the worldbuilding of my own D&D game.

Heroes, Villains, NPCs, Areas of Interest, etc.

Interview Intro Music 20s

The Brew Kettle 30-45m

Interviews with homebrewers and game makers.

About themselves

How they got started in gaming

Discussion about their homebrew games

Outro Music/Contact/Guest Information


This is just a skeleton of the idea. If you guys have anything you'd like to hear discussed or questions about homebrewing you'd like answered on the show I'd love to hear them!